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We are a Voluntary, Not-For-Profit organisation, registered in Ireland by the Revenue Commissioners under the Charities Act - Registered Number CHY15425.

We are dedicated to helping communities that are badly affected by Tiger and Crocodile Attacks in Sundarbans, India. We have been able to facilitate a change in livelihoods; giving people a choice to stay out of the dangerous forest areas. Thus we can save lives and save the tigers.

We have achieved this through the formation of Self-Help-Groups. Our partner organisation in Sundarbans is Digambarpur Angikar. They are a community non-for-profit organisation who concentrate on Self-Help-Groups, Womens Rights, Womens Empowerment, Prevention and awareness of Human Trafficking, Enabling education and training etc... Visit their website at - You can view their annual report here.

There is a massive looming crisis: Fatal Man-Animal Conflicts. For generations in Sundarbans there have been countless killings and attacks by tigers and crocodiles living alongside these poor fishing communities. Attacks are a constant threat to the surrounding areas. Most of the attacks now occur when groups of men go the forest in search of food and firewood. They haven't got the means to protect themselves.

Tiger Widows dragging nets Widows in the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve in the Bay of Bengal, India

It is estimated that there are over 1000 widows whose husbands have been killed by tigers in the remote islands of Sundarbans. There are about 249 Royal Bengal Tigers roaming freely with protected status in the World Biosphere Reserve (Project Tiger 2004). Sundarbans crocodiles are known for the large size, they attack people fishing in boats or those women and children who drag their nets collecting prawn seeds.

Each year there are men killed while fishing or gathering wood and honey inside the reserve leaving widows to fend for themselves and their children. The likelihood of their remarrying is very slim. Tiger Widows Organisation facilitates the formation of Self-Help-Groups to enable families to survive without going to dangerous forest areas. Therefore we can prevent attacks and really save lives.

Sundarbans sunset

Families in Sundarbans who participate do not have to risk their lives by going into the forest. This is how we are...

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