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Case Studies

Profile: Kalidashi (Age 60)

Kalidashi with child

Kalidashi is a widow of ten years. She lives with her son Rabi and his wife along with their two kids.

Rabi is the only earning member in the family works as carrying mud to the brick kiln.

But after the lockdown the brick kiln closed down so now they have no work or income and no means of livelihood.

Presently the family is suffering from a scarcity of dry rations and other essential commodities.

Profile: Pachi (Age 62)


Pachi is a 62 year-old lady and belongs to the backward Scheduled Tribe. Her husband passed away four years back.

There are six family members in the family, among them three are minors. Rabin her son is a seasonal migrant worker, works in Kolkata from time to time, he is the sole earning member in the family.

Due to lockdown he has no work they have no income. They are facing challenge to survive with no food rations.

Profile: Priyanka (Age 26)


Priyanka is 26 years old, a housewife with her husband Sumanta and one child and a baby just 10 months old. Sumanta works at a grocery shop and earns just 10 per week.

The family have agriculture cultivated land, from where they manage food grants average 5 months per year. But this year the Bulbul cyclone massively destroyed their rice crop. This lockdown makes it really difficult to manage basic food rationing. They are suffering acute problems to provide food for their baby.

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