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Sinead with kid goat.

Self Help Groups

A sustainable solution to poverty is to form women’s self-help-groups. Since 2001 we have supported 2,750 women by facilitating and maintaining women’s self-help-groups. Members save small amounts of money which they can invest in income-generating projects or in educating their children, or healthcare costs and normal everyday living.

We support numerous projects such as:

Cyclones and Flooding

Cyclones and storm surges destroy peoples’ homes, they lose all their assets, animals and belongings. Fresh water and food shortages occur. Land is unproductive following saline inundation and productivity is drastically reduced for several months. There is nowhere to go, there are insufficient cyclone shelters. We provide emergency relief (food, water and hygiene kits) through our local partners, to the poorest of the poor, following devastating cyclones. People in poverty have reduced capacity to recover from loss of livelihood and assets. Our livelihood programs assist the poorest of the poor.

Women planting mangrove. Sinead and women planting mangrove.

Sinead with widow and rice.

Helping people help themselves.

UN Sustainable Development Goals for inclusivity and equality     UN Sustainable Development Goals for inclusivity and equality

We work to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals for inclusivity and equality. For more info on the UNSDGs click here.

Serving the People to Save the Tiger

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