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We are a Voluntary, Not-For-Profit organisation, registered in Ireland by the Revenue Commissioners under the Charities Act - Registered Number CHY15425.

Imagine if you were down to your last bag of rice...

Widow receiving food pack.jpg Two widows with food pack Tiger widow Pachi making cotton masks for Covid-19 crisis

This community in Sundarbans India needs assistance as food supplies are running out fast. Many people have returned home from other regions due to Covid-19.

We are there on the ground preparing packs of food (rice, lentils, vegetables, mustard oil, potatoes, onions, eggs) and soap/ sanitiser for hygiene for 200 families, mainly widows and orphans. This is a very remote /cut -off island region and government help will not arrive in time.

Woman showing us the last of the rice for her family in the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve in the Bay of Bengal, India Measuring out rice Measuring out rice for family

Please donate some euro to this community as they really struggle amidst the pandemic. Older vulnerable people, widows and orphans are our priority. They are the poorest of the poor.

Two widows with food pack Two widows with food pack Two widows with food pack

You can read individual case studies here.

Thank you so much for your support 🙏

Families in Sundarbans who participate do not have to risk their lives by going into the forest. This is how we are...

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